Information Regarding  COVID-19

Health Policies  and Protocols for our School
Child care plays a vital role in the lives of families.  We strive to provide children with a safe place to learn and play.  Keeping children safe during COVID-19 is our utmost priority.

All information is subject to change as new information is released.
Updated 11/10/21

Sacramento Public Health Schools Line (916) 661-7331

Decision Tree from Sacramento County Public Health
Decision Tree 11-10-21 (1).jpg

If a child becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms while at the Center, the child will be immediately isolated from other individuals.

The Center will contact the parent/guardian to inform them of the child’s illness and the child must be picked up within 30 minutes.

The Center will review its COVID-19 Illness Policy with the parent/guardian.

If a child or a member of the household becomes ill with a COVID-19 symptom, we ask that the child not return to care until the entire household is well. 

The Center will contact Sac County Public Health for guidance and notification is made to licensing.


Teachers and children two and older required to wear masks while indoors.


Per public health, staff and children may go outside without a mask.


  Children cannot be forced to wear a mask and we will try to encourage and educate the children to wear masks.  Children will not wear masks while sleeping and we will ensure the use of masks does not cause children to overheat in hot weather.

Hand Hygiene

Proper hand hygiene will be performed by washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

If soap and water are not available and hands are not visibly dirty, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be used (2yrs and up only).

Proper hand hygiene will be practiced upon entry to the Center and throughout the day.

 All children will be supervised to ensure proper hand hygiene is being practiced.

Preventative    Health Measures

The only items permitted to be brought from home by children is bedding (that is to be washed weekly), labeled water bottle (water fountains are not being used at this time), changes of clothes as needed and medication required by a physician (with appropriate  medication authorization form on file with us). 

Cleaning and Disinfecting

In addition to our regular cleaning routines, frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, toys, tables, chairs, etc.) will be cleaned throughout the day.

Cots will be disinfected after each use.

We have a third party company EnviroMaster, specializing in sanitation coming and spraying the facility inside and out as well as extra sanitation of all restrooms.


There is no longer any restrictions in regards to travel.

Please see:

Daily Health Screening

Prior to dropping children at the Center parents/guardians should take the child’s temperature at home and screen for any Covid-19 symptoms.  If any symptoms occur the symptom decision tree should be followed and the center must be notified.

Drop Off

Child drop-off and pick-up will occur outside of the childs classroom at the door. Parents may not enter the classroom.  Children will be given hand soap or hand sanitizer upon arrival.

If a child can walk, please avoid a “hand off” and allow the child to walk into the facility.

Teachers will have limited in-person contact with parents/guardians. Brightwheel will be used for communications regarding the child.

Social Distancing

To the best of our ability, each class will include the same children and teachers every day and avoid mixing of cohorts.