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Help with Statements


Transaction Summary for Parents

  1. Navigate to the Payments tab on the web or app

  2. Confirm you are on the Accounts tab and select your student's name (if there are multiple) to open their account

    1. If you see an Invoices tab instead, stop here and please follow this article.

  3. Scroll down to the Posted Transactions table

    1. If you do not see this table and instead see Invoices, Payments & Credits, and Statements tabs, your program likely migrated billing platforms this year. In order to pull the best reporting for your needs, please hold off until after 1/7/2022 when we will release a simplified reporting process for you. These steps will be updated accordingly when that is the case.

  4. Click the purple Select an action menu, and select Export Summary

  5. Use the date picker to determine the Start and End Dates

  6. Click Export

Please Note: If you use your phone number to log into brightwheel, please wait for the download to appear before navigating away from the page or refreshing. If you have an email associated with your account, the export will download immediately and a copy will also be sent to your inbox within a few minutes.

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