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Jumpstart! at RCELC
TK and Kinder Prep Session

March 20th - June 9th  8:30a-12p

What is the Jumpstart program?

The Jumpstart! program at RCELC is a twelve week* program designed to prep children who will be going to TK or Kinder for the upcoming school year.


Our goal is to provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in TK, kindergarten and beyond. Through our program, we use a combination of play-based learning, socialization, and instruction, we aim to foster a love of learning and a sense of confidence in each child.

*Late start 8 week session option available, please see below for more info

What classroom will my child be in?

Busy Bees - TK prep for children who will be turning 4 by September 1st

Safari Club - Kindergarten prep for children who will be turning 5 by September 1st

What is the classroom ratio?

Both the Busy Bees and Safari Club have a 1:12 ratio with a maximum of 24 children. Both classrooms have highly experienced, educated, fully qualified tenured teachers.


Will there be a naptime?

There is no naptime, children are to be picked up no later than noon.

What is the schedule like?

Morning Snack - River City ELC provides a morning snack and the menu can be found here.

Circle Time - This is a whole class time where we go over the monthly focus color/shape/number/letter through language and literacy.  We will sing songs, listen to stories and participate in group discussions.  The teacher also gives the children an introduction to the activities for the day.

Small Group Table Activities - Children will be broken up into smaller groups to dig in and get hands on with activities that the teachers have prepared and designed for the children that enrich the monthly theme concepts.

Outdoor Time - This is the time we get to move! Lots of learning happens outside while we develop our gross motor skills, play games and socialize.

Lunch - Parents may pick up before lunch begins (11:30a) or they can provide the children with a lunch for the day (no nuts please!).  This is also a great opportunity for children to socialize and build their social emotional skills. 

Does my child have to be potty trained?

Yes, for this program they need to be fully potty trained to participate.  Unfortunately, we would not be able to help with potty training in these classroom sessions because it would require one of the teachers to provide one on one specialized care that would take away from the rest of the group.  If a child has an occasional accident, that is expected from time to time, but if there are multiple accidents weekly, this program would not be the best fit at this time.  Contact us for non-potty trained options.

What is the curriculum consist of?

River City ELC's curriculum is themed, child directed, play based curriculum.  The curriculum is tailored and individualized for the child’s level. The curriculum is delivered through units of study, which are theme based topics that provide a balance of activities using commonly recognized developmental domains.  The curriculum is developed by Nancy Dougherty, M.A.  who has worked in a variety of aspects of early learning from direct care to creating early learning standards to coaching providers.

Is there a end of year celebration?

Yes! We love to celebrate the children!

Our Safari Club (Kinder Prep) will have an in person, outdoor graduation on June 10th.

Our Busy Bees will have a class celebration party in June, date TBD.

What are my options and how much is the cost?

We will have two options for this program



This is a unique offering that is not on our annual tuition rate schedule.

There is a registration fee of $50 and the program cost is broken up into three monthly payments of $450 due on March 17th, April 14th and May 12th.  

Late start 8 week session is an option with the start date of April 17th.  Registration fee is $50 and two monthly payments would be due April 14th and May 12th.

Tuition will not be prorated for absences or closure dates and there are no make days if absent.  Withdrawal from the program does require at least a two week notice and no prepaid tuition would be refunded, please plan accordingly.

How do I sign up? What is the enrollment process?

You can call us at (916) 691-6420, email us at or fill out an inquiry request below to schedule a tour and check with program availability.  The enrollment process can be found here.

Thanks for inquiring with us! We'll get back to you soon.


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