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River City Early Learning Center
proudly announces the

Opening Date Coming Soon!


Welcome to River City Early Learning Center, proudly serving families in Elk Grove for nearly eight years and now expanding to the vibrant River District.  Our vision is to be an extension of the community, fostering a nurturing environment where children are inspired to dream and are empowered to embrace their journey of learning. We are excited to embark on this new chapter of growth and look forward to welcoming your family into the River City Early Learning Center Family.

Please note: All information is subject to change and will be continually updated.

The opening date is currently TBD as we partner with Community Care Licensing to approve our application for operation.

Location Information

The RCELC May Lee Campus is in the May Lee State Office Complex in the River District area of Sacramento off I-5 and Richards Boulevard.​

The expected hours of operation are

Monday - Friday

7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Hours are subject to change based on the needs of the families being served. We value your input!

Our latest campus will be housed on second floor of the building with a secure entry system to limit access to staff and families.

RCELC - May Lee Campus has approximately 17.5k square feet of indoor space as well as 10k square feet of outdoor space.

There is a staircase that leads right up to the front entry of the facility, as well as elevator access.

For those that are arriving with a car seat and/or stroller, we will have a large storage room for our families. 


Program Information

Ages Served

We are expecting to serve families with children ages six weeks to five years old.  There are eight classrooms that will operate infant, toddler, early preschool, and preschool programs.


We traditionally offer the following schedules: Monday - Friday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday.  We understand that our traditional schedules may not fit the May Lee State Office Complex and we are gathering information from families just like you, to adjust our schedules to better suit the community within the complex.  We want to best support our new campus community!


Licensing ratios for children under two years old are 1:4 and two and up are 1:12. RCELC does stick to 1:4 for children under the age of two, however we prefer to operate at 1:8 for children that are two years old and up.​


River City ELC's curriculum is themed, child directed, play based curriculum.  The curriculum is tailored and individualized for the child’s level. The curriculum is delivered through units of study, which are theme-based topics that provide a balance of activities using commonly recognized developmental domains.  The curriculum is developed by Nancy Dougherty, M.A. who has worked in a variety of aspects of early learning from direct care to creating early learning standards to coaching providers.

​Enrichment Programs

We are seeking additional enrichment programs to enhance the curriculum and experience here at RCELC such as music and movement. Our Laguna West campus has done programs such as Zumbini and Yoga.

Does my child have to be potty trained for the preschool programs?

We do not expect children to be potty trained and will work with families to develop a training plan when the time is right for their child. Families do provide diapers and RCELC provides hypoallergenic, unscented wipes typically found at a local Sam's Club. If your child has a sensitivity, you are welcome to provide an option that fits their needs.


What is a typical day like?


Circle Time - This is a whole class time where we go over the monthly focus color/shape/number/letter through language and literacy.  We will sing songs, listen to stories, and participate in group discussions.  The teacher also gives the children an introduction to the activities for the day.

Small Group Table Activities - Children will be broken up into smaller groups to dig in and get hands on activities that the teachers have prepared and designed for the children that enrich the monthly theme concepts.

Centers - Centers in the classroom provide the children with opportunities to develop their development in art, science, math, social & emotional skills, gross and fine skills.

Outdoor Time - This is the time we get to move! Lots of learning happens outside while we develop our gross motor skills, play enriching games, and socialize.

Snacks and Lunch - Parents provide lunch for their children and River City ELC provides a morning and afternoon snack and the menu can be found here. Mealtimes are also a great opportunity for children to socialize and build their social and emotional skills. 


How do I enroll?

We are currently taking information for those that are interested.  Feel free to fill out an inquiry application here.

We do have an enrollment process that can be found here.

Visiting the Facility

We will be hosting some open house events soon as well as tours.  More information to come!


We use an app called Brightwheel that encompasses family communication, messaging, picture and video sharing as well as managing your billing account.  More information about Brightwheel can be found here.

Tuition Information

What are the tuition rates? Do you offer a state discount?

Tuition rates are still being finalized and there will be a priority system with a discount for state workers and vendors within the May Lee State Office Complex, as well as state workers outside of the complex. There will be a discount offered for those employed at the May Lee State Office Complex, and outside state workers.

The center will have slots available to the public, and eligible families will be offered a sibling discount.

What are the registration fees?

Currently our registration fee is $125/child or $175/family.  This is due upon enrollment and annually in the fall.


Tuition fees are contracted and are due regardless of attendance, unless utilizing vacation credit. We do offer a week of vacation credit after six months of enrollment. It does renew in the fall, however there is no carryover into the following year.​​

Methods of Payment

Methods of payment include ACH debit (no fee) debit/credit cards (fee), checks and money orders.

Do you accept subsidy agencies?

We welcome subsidy programs such as Child Action, CalWorks and Child Care Aware.  If there is another program that you are interested in utilizing, feel free to let us know.  We are more than willing to partner with your subsidy agency.​

Health and Safety Information

Health and Safety

Our Illness policy can be found here.

Our sanitation protocols can be found here.

Do you have cameras we can watch?

We will not have cameras accessible to families due to children’s privacy.  We often serve children in foster care, and we hold a responsibility to protect their privacy. We will however do our best to send pictures and videos and will always have an open-door policy to all of our families.

Family Involvement

We look forward to being in such proximity to welcome families to participate on site at events as well as welcoming mothers who would like to nurse their infants during their workday.  If you prefer to nurse in a private space, we will have a comfortable space available.

Staff Information

All staff are required to clear a background check prior to their first day of employment with the children. Staff are required to complete educational requirements and we have bi-annual trainings as well as monthly staff meetings.  We strive to provide a facility that honors the staff we employ by providing a full benefit package and a positive relationship based culture.

 If you are interested in employment opportunities, feel free to send us more information here.

May Lee Campus Inquiry Application

What set schedule would you prefer?
Previous group care experience

Thanks for inquiring with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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